The system boots into the native Raspbian operating system. Launch of the SMT Caddy application manages all required functions to operate SMT Caddy without need for further knowledge or familiarity with Raspberry Pi, Raspbian, or Linux.

Further functionality of the Raspberry Pi may be explored by the more experienced users, beyond the functions of the SMT Caddy. There are various websites and extensive documentation available on the net about the details of the Raspbian, Linux based operating system and its features, as well as the inherent capabilities of the Raspberry Pi.

It is highly recommended to establish a wireless connection to the net, via any available local wireless hub, to take full advantage of system features, access to the net, automatic software upgrades, etc.

Beyond the inherent functionality of the SMT Caddy through the touch display, it is convenient to set up a Bluetooth or wireless keyboard and mouse to conveniently navigate and control the extended functionality of the Raspberry Pi. A simple net search will reveal numerous resources and options. Alternatively, one can always use a wired, USB keyboard or mouse, though not necessary for basic operation of SMT Caddy.

The main power button facilitates for system reboot.

Execution of the SMT Caddy application presents the dedicated App’s wallpaper:




     The Documentation Icon launches a PDF viewer, displaying the support documentation, help items, etc. Other PDF documents may be viewed and edited via the standard viewer.


     The microscope icon casts the live video onto the screen. The default zoom level at boot is set to 1x. This is the default mode for the assembly process. Double tapping anywhere on the screen exits the view mode and returns to the main application background.


     The settings icon invokes the learning mode for the microscope zoom/pan settings. The image can be sized for a digital zoom of up to 3x further magnification (2-finger mode). Once the desired magnification level has been decided, the image may be panned to the desired location with respect to the stylus tip. As above, double-tapping will return to the application background, having memorized the preferred zoom/pan settings.



     The Browser icon launches an internet browser, given an internet connection has been established through the built-in wireless network or a direct LAN cable.


     The exit icon terminates the SMT Caddy application and returns the system to the boot screen. SMT Caddy or any other installed applications may be run again at any time.