SMT Caddy is equipped with a digital microscope, utilizing a 5 MP color camera, directly interfaced to the Raspberry Pi. Our microscope produces virtually no latency on live video, with 30 frames per second refresh rate for no detectable flicker.

A custom application provides for microscope controls as well as other functions. The microscope window can be zoomed and panned to desired magnification and location on the screen with any of the the standard, supplied lenses. Three lenses are included in the basic system for a range of optical magnifications, beyond the digital zoom function of the microscope. Additional lenses are available for other magnification ranges, for special applications. Lenses are quickly interchanged, via a magnetic lens mount with the focusing range staying with the lens for preset focus convenience. The soft-zoom feature allows for an additional 3x zoom, beyond the basic optical magnification.

A miniature, electronically dimmable LED lighting system is integrated for component and workspace illumination.

The microscope serves as the centerpiece for SMT Caddy, providing proper imaging for management of very fine-pitch, as well as larger components. Components smaller than 0402(inch) (down to 1005!) will require special styli (available from our web store) with a micro, spring-loaded vacuum tip, as the dictated stylus tip length must be rather short for rigidity and practicality.

The microscope also serves for inspection of the bumped PCB prior to assembly, post placement or soldering inspection, and any other tasks benefiting from a color, digital microscope on a movable gantry.